• Refuse and You Lose
Refuse and you lose. Some people believe that refusing to provide a blood or breath sample when requested will make it impossible for the State to prove an OWI case against them.  This is simply not true. In fact, refusing to provide a sample when requested will normally place you in a worse position than if you had agreed to do so.  For example, if you refuse to provide a sample for a first offen…se OWI, instead of facing a 6 to 9 month license revocation (with no waiting period for an occupational license) and the possibility of no ignition interlock device, you have now subjected yourself to a 12 month license revocation, 12 months of ignition interlock, and a waiting period for an occupational license.  2nd offense refusals and above carry even greater penalties.  In addition, for a 2nd offense or above the State will apply for a warrant and obtain a sample of your blood, and you will still be charged with the refusal to take the test.  Based on the experience of the attorneys at Snow Law, S.C., it is best to agree to take the test and then seek the advice of a qualified OWI lawyer.  Remember, if you refuse, you lose.