• How to Dispute an Item on Your Credit Report

Safeguarding the accuracy of your credit report is as important as securing your wallet.  Regular review of your credit report can prevent someone from stealing your identity, or a creditor reporting false or inaccurate data, which in turn damages your credit score.  But what should you do if you find a problem?

Disputing an item on your credit report requires you to contact all three credit bureaus about the problem. Upon receiving your complaint, the credit bureau is required to investigate. They will contact the party that provided the information, and the party has 30-45 days to investigate and determine whether the source is accurate. If the party fails to respond, or does not justify its source, the bureau will remove the item from your report. You will be notified whether the item has been verified, corrected or removed from your credit report.
Here is more information from the Federal Trade Commission about the dispute process:


The easiest way to dispute an item on the credit report is an online dispute request with each bureau. Here are links to the pages of the three bureaus to dispute an item on your credit report: