Drunk or Drugged Driving


When you see those lights go off behind you, you know you are in trouble. A drunk driving conviction can impact every aspect of your life as you will lose your license and could even face jail time. With an experienced defense lawyer on your side, you may have more options than you realize to fight the charges and minimize the potential damages.

At the law offices of Snow Law, S.C., our Fond du Lac criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused facing DUI/OWI charges. With years of legal experience in eastern Wisconsin, we understand the challenges you face and your available defense options. We also handle a number of other criminal charges in Wisconsin courts.

Protecting Your Future

We are Drunk or Drugged Driving Defense Attorneys that serve Central Wisconsin, including (but not limited to) the cities of: Waupun, Beaver Dam, Columbus, Wautoma, Fond Du Lac, and Oshkosh.

An aggressive drunk driving defense lawyer can do a lot to protect your rights after a DUI. If you have old convictions on your record, we will evaluate whether they may count toward your current charges. A “DUI third” may really be a “DUI first,” with a proper review of your case.

Because multiple DUIs can lead to felony charges and prison sentences, it is important that you take every opportunity to reduce the charges you face.

In addition to the criminal charges of an OWI, you will have administrative concerns as well, as the state will automatically suspend your license unless you take action. If you rely on a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for your livelihood, you cannot afford to lose it. We can help you take advantage of every opportunity to keep your license after a DUI, even if that means electronic monitoring or an ignition interlock device.

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