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It is easy to lose sight of the things that matter to you most when you are going through a divorce. You want an attorney who will keep you focused on the things you truly value, so you can build a better future for yourself and the people you love.

At the law offices of Snow Law, S.C., located in Waupun, Wautoma and Columbus, Wisconsin, we are ready to help you through your divorce. As big-picture people, we will help you resolve your most important concerns involving your retirement, your kids and what your life will look like after divorce. Taking the time to understand your immediate needs and long-term concerns, we will help you decide when to fight and when you can reach an agreement.

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When it comes to family law concerns, our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with productive results. Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to negotiate a settlement, whether they are going through a divorce or are involved in a child custody battle. When you take a case to trial, a judge makes the decisions, with only a snapshot of your situation. When you negotiate, you have more influence on the final outcome.

However, we are also able to help you determine when better results might be obtained in court, when the other party has unreasonable expectations.

Our attorneys are prepared to handle a number of divorce and family law concerns, including:

Asset and debt division: Don’t make a mistake of tens of thousands of dollars or more. In Wisconsin, property division is based on a presumption of equal division. However, there are opportunities to craft a solution tailored to your needs. We can help you find creative solutions for dividing your debts and assets, including retirement benefits. In our area, many people are employed by the state of Wisconsin. The retirement statements provided to employees do not give a full picture of the Wisconsin retirement plan’s value. We can help you consider your options.

Child support: Our firm can help you understand the Wisconsin child support guidelines, so you know how the amount is calculated, the parties’ responsibilities for health insurance, who pays out of pocket expenses such as child care or extra-curriculars, and payment of medical expenses.

Child custody/placement: You want to be there for your kids. Helping you understand your rights and options, we will make sure you have every opportunity to be the best possible parent to your kids.

Spousal maintenance: If one spouse does not have the financial resources to support himself or herself after a divorce, the court may award that spouse temporary or permanent spousal maintenance, also known as alimony.

Paternity: Our firm can help you get accurate answers regarding your paternity dispute and find solutions, whatever the outcome may be.  Contact a lawyer BEFORE your first court date.  Don’t let the child support agency dictate a placement “schedule” that provides neither party with answers for future placement disputes. A properly created placement schedule now can prevent a great many problems later.

Many people go through the divorce or paternity process without proper representation and end up not getting the fair deal they deserve. Many of our clients are not able to afford to keep an attorney on retainer during the entire divorce process, but that does not mean they cannot get thoughtful legal counsel for specific issues as they arise.  We can review specific pieces of your divorce, including marital settlement agreements, dividing debts, and bankruptcy. You do not have to go through it alone.

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